Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Windows VISTA - Microsoft's Biggest MISTAKE

"David Short, an IBM consultant who works in the Global Services Division and has been beta testing Vista for two years, says users should consider 4GB of RAM if they really want optimum Vista performance. With Vista's minimum requirement of 512MB of RAM, Vista will deliver performance that's 'sub-XP,' he says. (Dell and others recommend 2GB.) One reason: SuperFetch, which fetches applications and data, and feeds them into RAM to make them accessible more quickly. More RAM means more caching."


"crazy/beautiful" is the first teen romance I've seen, since, the last Kirsten Dunst movie. I used to go to a lot of teen flicks, but they were getting so bad even I couldn't stoop to ogle that much.

The writers clearly saw "Mad Love" and said "We can do better than that." And they do. They follow a very similar story line and add a non-stereotypical Latino twist for a different take on Romeo and Crazy Juliet.

While the ending isn't entirely believable, it is satisfying for a movie. With many thanks to Deepali...

Its been 7 years...

Its been 7 years i am not a pilot neither an Aero Engineer.
And i am still dreaming to become one.