Saturday, April 21, 2007

TOSHIBA M40 Sat Help Needed

I bought a M40 Satellite Laptop from Baharain Jarirbookshop in 2005 Nov 1.
It say i have 3 year warranty period. Now im getting problem with my DVD Writer, it just ejects CD s after writting 10 MB of data. What shall i do? Who are the Toshiba Local Agents? Will i be able to get a free DVD wrtier fixed without paying any money to John Keells Copmuter Services?
Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance..

Canon's Latest DSLR Powerhouse Camera

Throw out every gizmo and gadget you own—this is all you need. It can do everything: order alcohol, pizza, has a pee break alert, "Adams Mode," L button, mood button and it can even call up Spock to help you operate the damn thing. Best of all: a sex button. Sorry ladies, I am off the market now, this is my new girlfriend.