Sunday, September 24, 2006

APIIT SFD 2006 Organizers

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This means alot guys. Thank you all.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Friday 15th September (BIG Picture)

Didn’t sleep at all, was pasting the CD covers and preparing my Vote of thanks. Around 6.45AM have to rush to the TLC to pick a Slackware PC and head back to APIIT.

Everything was prepared and we were eager to kick the APIIT SFD 2006.

My colleague Lohita started the Workshop officially with his Welcome speech.

Key note Speech by Dr. Shahani Weerawarana is all about Imagine. It was great. The presentation really touched the entire audience and most of the Business students and Lecturers were inspired by the four letter word FOSS.

Anuradha Ratnaweera was briefing the audience about the freedom to use software and freedom laws. He also briefed on the license used in Free and Open Source Projects.

Bud gave his usual Gadgematic Presentation which inspired many students and able to take away the Negative image of GNU/Linux capabilities.

Rajkumar from Lanka Software Foundation came prepared for the Orange Open Movie Project – Elephants Dream. The short film was projected with surrounding sound system which attracted the most number of Participants.

After having a little break we continued with our speakers from Senid and Red Hat.

Learnt a lot from Red Hat Sanjeewa. It was the most fruitful Q&A Session we had.

I delivered the vote of thanks and Workshop ended around 3.00 pm and it was a great job done by the 2nd year computing guys, organized within a short period of 9 days and leaving out all the project work to be submitted.

Well-done guys, Job Well-done!

Monday, September 11, 2006

APIIT SFD 2006 Handout

Went to apiit in the morning, and distributed the handouts to the staff..Went ok with the computing lecturers and had problems with Business lecturers. For some reason they expect more Public Relation stuff from us which really freaked me out. Apart from this a particular lecturer who has waken from the wrong side of the bed start criticizing the Free Software and its freedom to use. Is he mad I don't know...But majority thinks as it is.. I just wonder what people would have tell to Richard Stallmen and Linus Trovalds when they first came with their talents and ideas.

Went to classrooms in the afternnon to distribute the handouts and we had a good feedback from them, specially there was this BA Lecturer who was overwhelmed with Linux and explains to his class the importance of FOSS and and true contribution towards it. This really helped us to survive in a Business class while explaining all the Computing stuff.

Ilham designed the posters and it was really nice!!
Spoke to the CEO and he was happy with the way things going on..And all this is because APIIT sponsor several students to attend the ApacheCon ASIA 2006 :)

Burnt the first 50 Linux Distributions.. yipeee and another 150 more to go :)

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Now you can access the APIIT SFD 2006 wiki page from;

"Crocodile Hunter" Irwin dies

“Crocodile Hunter”
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"Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, killed in a stingray attack last week, knew the risks involved in his work and often discussed the possibility he might die doing it.

The 44-year-old star was being filmed for a new TV program as he swam with a stingray on the Great Barrier Reef Monday when it lashed out with its tail, plunging a poisonous barb into his chest. He died within minutes.

In the first public comments by Irwin's family since the tragedy, the elder Irwin, who started the wildlife park that his son turned into a major tourist attraction, said Wednesday both were aware of the inherent dangers of their occupation.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Free CDs to be given out during APIIT SFD 2006

Here's the list of CD's which gonna be distributed free...


FOSS Goodies (Documents/ED & RMS Videos)

Suse 10.1 DVD
Fedora Core 5 (5CDs)

Friday, September 08, 2006


APIIT Advantage
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What is Free Software?

“Free software”' is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of “free”' as in “free speech,” not as in “free beer.”

Free software is a matter of the users' freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software. More precisely, it refers to four kinds of freedom, for the users of the software:

1. The freedom to run the program, for any purpose (freedom 0).

2. The freedom to study how the program works, and adapt it to your needs (freedom 1). Access to the source code is a precondition for this.

3. The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor (freedom 2).

4. The freedom to improve the program, and release your improvements to the public, so that the whole community benefits (freedom 3). Access to the source code is a precondition for this.

Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day is a global, grassroots effort to educate the public about the virtues and availability of Free and Open Source Software. Local teams from all over the world are organizing events on 16 September 2006.

What is the GNU project?

The GNU Project was launched in 1984 to develop a complete UNIX-like operating system which is free software i.e. the GNU system, by the Free Software Foundation headed by Richard M. Stallman (RMS). Variants of the GNU operating system, which use the kernel called Linux, are now widely used; though these systems are often referred to as “Linux”, they are more accurately called GNU/Linux systems.

GNU is a recursive acronym for “GNU's Not UNIX”; it is pronounced guh-noo, like canoe. The GNU project was designed to create software and an operating system that would run on peer-edited and improved code, continuing the tradition of software evolution that was already common in the computer science field in the 1970s and early 1980s.

For more information visit:


Linux (also known as GNU/Linux) is a Unix-like computer operating system written by a Finnish university student Linus Torvalds while attending the University of Helsinki - Finland. It is one of the most prominent examples of open source development and free software; unlike proprietary operating systems such as Windows or Mac OS X, all of its underlying source code is available for anyone to use, modify, and redistribute freely.

Initially, Linux was primarily developed and used by individual enthusiasts on personal computers. Since then, Linux has gained the support of major corporations such as IBM, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, and Novell for use in servers and is gaining popularity in the desktop market. It is used in systems ranging from supercomputers to mobile phones. Proponents and analysts attribute its success to its security, reliability, low cost, and freedom from vendor lock-in.

For more information visit:

Taprobane GNU/Linux

The first ever Linux OS/Distribution developed in Sri Lanka.

Taprobane is a convenient GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian. It is a live CD, but can be installed to persistent media. Saegiri, the build system used for creating Taprobane ISOs, can also be used to create custom Live CD distributions. Taprobane GNU/Linux is Free Software (Open Source). It's a collective work released under the Artistic License 2.0. Taprobane build system and components are released under the GNU General Public License. Some of the development happens on #taprobane at irc.{,}.

Here are some goodies you may find in this distribution:

Xorg 6.8.2, Official Nvidia driver support out of the box, KDE 3.4.1, OpenOffice 2.0, Linux, Squashfs/Unionfs, Apache/PgSQL/MySQL/Zope, started/stopped from the K-menu, Excellent hotplug support, Saving data to persistent media, Educational software such as Stellarium and Octave.

For more information visit:

SAHANA – Lanka Software Foundation (LSF)

Sahana is a Free and Open Source Disaster Management system. It is a web based collaboration tool that addresses the common coordination problems during a disaster from finding missing people, managing aid, managing volunteers, tracking camps effectively between Government groups, the civil society (NGOs) and the victims themselves.

Sahana has currently been deployed successfully in the following places:

1. Tsunami - Sri Lanka 2005 - Officially deployed in the CNO for the Government of Sri Lanka

2. AsianQuake - Pakistan 2005 - Officially deployed within with NADRA for the Government of Pakistan

3. Southern Leyte Mudslide Disaster - Philippines 2006 - Officially deployed with the NDCC and ODC for the Government of Philippines

4. Sarvodaya - Sri Lanka 2006 - Deployed for Sri Lanka's largest NGO

5. Terre des Hommes - Sri Lanka 2006 - Deployed with new Child Protection Module

6. Yogjarkata Earthquake - Indonesia 2006 - Deployed by ACS, urRemote and Indonesian whitewater association and Indonesian Rescue Source

7. Lebanon - Over the last two weeks, the core Sahana team has been engaged with deployments in Lebanon, Ecuador

Though application of Sahana is the greatest recognition of the value of the Sahana system to help out in disasters, our work also has been recognized in other ways

1. Redhat User Award - Given to the founder of Lanka Software Foundation Dr Sanjiva Weerawarna - 2005

2. Sahana inspired the new Free Software Foundation Award for Humanity - 2005

3. Software 2006, USA - Good Samaritian Award - 2006

4. Interview of core team in BBC program "code breakers" - 2006

5. One of the three top finalists in the Health category in Stockholm Challenge - 2006

6. Sourceforge Project of the Month for June 2006

For more information visit:, contact via

Orange Open Movie - Elephants Dream

Elephants Dream is the world’s first open movie, made entirely with open source graphics software such as Blender, and with all production files freely available to use however you please, under a Creative Commons license. The short film (10m 55s) was created by the Orange Open Movie Project studio in Amsterdam during 2005/2006, bringing together a diverse team of artists and developers from all over the world.

For more information visit:

OrangeHRM - hSenid

OrangeHRM, the first version of a comprehensive Open Source HRM solution. It comes as a free web-enabled application which is easy to install, configure and run. This would be an ideal solution for small and medium sized companies and organizations looking for an inexpensive way to manage and develop their human resources.

OrangeHRM is emerging in line with the new generation of HR Information Systems (HRIS) and will assist you in managing your company's most important asset - human resource. Based on modular architecture, this comprehensive Open Source solution reflects the main areas of HR Management from simple personnel administration to today's complex strategic approaches. OrangeHRM, which is applicable to diverse business industries, is a perfect platform for re-engineering your HR processes and redefining the workflow operations of HR professionals, paving the way to a new level of HR Management.

For more information visit:

FREE Linux CDs for each Participant, also win several Linux Distribution CDs by participating the Question and Answer Session. GNU/Linux T-shirts and other Linux Distributions are available at Student’s Request.

Friday 08th 2006 - 6 more days

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The APIIT SFD 2006 is steering well. We had our FOSS meeting 2day at the TLC. Everything going smoothly.
We decided not to give Ubuntu or Kubuntu for the APIIT SFD 2006 as we will be getting them free from the LK-LUG, as 1500 CDs gonna be burnt to distribute free of charge during the FOSS Day.

Now we have to think of some other Linux Live CD to be distributed.. Problem again.
Prepared the APIIT SFD 2006 Pre-Advocating Hand out which is to be distributed among the students on Monday.

Exactly 6 more days to go !!
Will add more about this effort as we move along.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Software Freedom Day 2006 @ APIIT

SFD 2006 at APIIT
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For the First time in APIIT history we are going to celebrate the Software Freedom Day as a FOSS community. This event will be held on 15th Friday where Global SFD will be celebrated in many countries on 16th Saturday. And majority of us will be busy working for the FOSS-SL/LK-LUG SFD2006 at Majestic City, Crescat Boulevard and Excel World.

The organizing is done by a bunch of 2nd year APIIT Students (FOSS enthusiasts and Linux Users) and I will be the General chair to host this event. We were attending so many FOSS events happening around Sri Lanka including FOSS2004, FOSS-ed, FOSS2005, ApacheCon2006 and we never got a chance to organize such an event at our University premises.

Now that we have enough knowledge, skills and contacts we are sure that the event gonna be a success. I was supported by both Lohita and Gunith through thick and thin. Ilham, Asanga, Hasantha, Randika also in the supporting crew.

The Agenda was seemed to be good and we were given the approval from the Head of Computing. The budget was passed by the SAC (Student Activity Club) and we just had our official meeting at the TLC (The Linux Center). Both Ven. Mettavihari and Suchetha helped us and gave marvelous ideas while directing us in the correct path by showing us our mistakes.

Suchetha was overwhelmed and eager to help us. He managed to ring few speakers who were in our Agenda and get them ready for the event immediately.

Ven. Mettavihari handed over some Banners to decorate the place and GNU T-shirts and / TUX soft toys to trade during the event.

We decided to give away 200 free Linux CDs to delegates and we couldn’t come to a conclusion which distributions to be given.
Some suggest we give away Ubuntu and Kubuntu so that delegated can understand the significance in Gnome and KDE. Some suggest not to give neither of them coz they are freely available in the Web. Randika wants to give some Networking/Security/Firewall stuff but it’s not gonna work with majority of BIT and BABA students.
Finally we came with Kubuntu, e-Live, PHLAK and Knoppix or Documentation/Apps. Each distro will have 50 copies and these will give away randomly to delegates. The bottom line is we want them exchange each CD to build friendship and exchange their expertise knowledge on Installation and Trouble Shooting of the Linux Distribution they received.

That’s enough for today and will add more. This is only the start down a long road..I will blog more about this effort as we move along.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. - Dilshan & Me

Dilshan & Me
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My good old friend Dilshan A.K.A Happy from year 8 was back in Sri Lanka during his short vacation period in Singapore. We met at the Majestic City Food Court and from there to the Theater. “Superman Returns” with two of the good old buddies from mid-school time. He was with his GF and well the movie was ok. Not that stupid and not much fantasy involved. Well we had lot to talk it’s been 2 years we have last met, and we were together during the last 2 years at school, same stream, same classroom, and sometimes same desk :) Adding something about my friend whoa… this guy has gone crazy. Totally changed and looking weird (just kidding dude) with the new Re-bond hair style and a charming earring on the left.

Monday, September 04, 2006

All About Sagittarians

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Sagittarius, the Archer, is a very analytical sign. Sagittarians make particularly good researchers, Doctors, biologists, botanists, and psychiatrists. You will find a tremendous number of psychiatrists under this sign. Most of the time you will find a Sagittarius going into some kind of work in the area of the mind. Even if Sagittarians work as mechanics, they're still going to be very enamored with what happens within the mind of a person. So they're very prone to exploring others from a psychological perspective.

Sagittarians, male or female, have an endearing quality whereby they constantly ask, "I'm all right, aren't I? I feel good, don't I? I'm having a good time, right?" They constantly need to be validated, yet they're not a borderline personality. A lot of people will be thrown off by Sagittarians because they don't seem to have minds of their own. It turns out that they absolutely do, but they still want others to reinforce them. There again, that's what their whole mental process is like.

You must constantly soothe Sagittarians. If there is any sign that is filled with anxiety, it seems to be this one. Unless they're completely quieted down by air and water signs in their chart, Sagittarians will be very anxiety-ridden people. And I think that's because they work so much from their intellect. They will usually migrate toward somebody who says, "Shhh, yeah, everything is just fine." Then they're fine, and they can go on and analyze and do their own number. But every once in a while, they have to touch home base. Sagittarians are tremendously quick-witted. They not only enjoy a joke, but they can tell one very well. And they have a highly developed sense of humor. (Just as an aside, I think that people who do not like animals, children, music, or have no sense of humor are insane— I really do.)

Sagittarians write very well, but they're very wordy and a little bit boring. If you read anything by a Sagittarius individual, you may say, "Would you please get to the point?" They ramble on and on because they want to cover all bases. They even do this when speaking.
(But they're not nearly as nitpicky as Capricorns, who want to tell you what suit they were wearing, on what day of the week, and how the weather was that day.) If you ask them to repeat one word out of a book, they will repeat the entire book instead. Or if you want to find out about a movie, they will tell you the entire plot.

A Sagittarius will explain and postulate on every side of a subject: "Now, if it happens this way . . .” "Now, if it happens that way . . . " "Now, in case it should turn around and go the other way . . .” So they have all of the bases covered. They don't want any loose ends. Watch Sagittarians buy something. They can have a fit around anybody they're buying a car or house from. They will go through everything with a fine-tooth comb. "Well, what if the tires wear out? What if the carburetor doesn't work right?" And pretty soon you're ready to just give it to them. "Please, just take it off my hands, and get out of here!" It is usually very hard to drive a bargain with a Sagittarius, because you usually end up saying, "Just take it, I don't care." Often, Sagittarians will be the kind of people who would come to a class and say, "I'll pay you after I find out if I like it." This is typical behavior for them.

Sagittarius is also a "don't fence me in" sign, just as Libra is. Sagittarians are tremendous freedom lovers. And you ever, ever want to make them feel like they have no freedom. Now, what is crazy about Sagittarians is that they'll stay in the house forever . . . until you tell them they must leave. And then, boy, you've had it! But they'll stay forever in one singular place. As long as you do not put a time schedule on Sagittarians, they're fine. Now, what is unique about a Sagittarius is, if you happen to be a freedom-loving person involved with one, for some reason they become very possessive.

If you turn around the other way and become possessive with a Sagittarius, this person will bolt on you. It's weird—you never know what to do with them, whether you should be free and outgoing with them, or be possessive. So you stand in front of Sagittarius individuals and ask them constantly, "What do you want from me?" It is never boring to be with Sagittarians, and I think what makes it all worthwhile is that they are so witty and so marvelous to be around that people usually migrate to them. They always have a group of people congregating around them...

Most Sagittarians do not come into full bloom until later in life. Many of the signs are like this, in fact, but this is especially true of Sagittarians. Sagittarius is also a very, very faithful sign. These individuals do not love three people at once the way Virgos do, but they can switch loves very luckily. And they can change totally, within a matter of a few weeks. They can be totally ingrained in one family, home, and everything; and then completely move their whole household somewhere else and begin with another spouse and a whole different family.

They will be sublimely happy and feel like they've been there forever. Sagittarians love children and are very concerned about them. And if anyone cries around Sagittarians, they will immediately melt. They will crumble. You don't want to cry around them because they'll get more upset than you are. They bark very ferociously, but drop one tear, and they usually say, "I didn't mean it." Then two hours later, they'll tell you what they thought about it. And when a stranger comes up crying, it upsets them terribly. It is a unique quality about them. They won't get as upset with somebody crying within their own family as they will with a stranger.

Sagittarians will do everything for someone else—clean their house, scrub their floors . . . while their own floors can go to pot. So they're truly magnanimous as far as helping people on the outside. And it truly is this sign about which others will say, "Well, why doesn't charity begin at home?" Sagittarians don't want you to talk about that. Sagittarians, like Scorpios, can be quite vindictive. Most of the signs can be, but these two signs are spiteful to the extreme.

They are the kind of people who will say to you, "I haven't spoken to my mother or sister for 20 years— and I don't care to." You'll ask them if they feel bad about this, and they'll say no. They'll say it to you in words like this: "They committed a mortal sin—they interfered in my life." So if anyone close to them really interferes, really judges them, they can erase them from their lives. And they don't seem to carry any guilt about it. That person no longer exists for Sagittarians. And no way can you try to make peace for them. If you try to have a little dinner and all of a sudden the sister shows up, the Sagittarian will walk out the door. They have no qualms about being rude on that score at all. There is no way of welding the situation together. Sagittarians are very blunt. If you visit them at home too late, they'll say, "I'm sorry, I have to go to bed." Then they'll walk into the other room.

These are the types of people about whom you might say, "They're truthful to a fault!" And then you go, "Oh!" when they put their truths in motion. But it's funny—these Sagittarians don't understand why people always seem to feel so wounded around them. Unfortunately, you'll have no room for a retort, because you know that what they've said is the truth. But you say, "Did you have to say it that way?!" And they'll reply, "If the truth hurts, too bad!" or, "Well, you ought to know it's true," and they'll watch you bleed. But they'll also try to bandage the hurt right away because they're so sorry about hurting you.

Sagittarians mean nothing by it. Full-blown Sagittarians can get away with saying things that others cannot. You can walk up to the exact same people and say the same thing that Sagittarians do, and they'll punch you right in the nose. Sagittarians say it with a smile on their face, and people say, "Okay." But another sign will try to go up and mimic a Sagittarius and get stabbed to death. People are so enamored by Sagittarians' charm, and their beautiful ways, that they don't really know that they've gotten it real good until maybe days later.

People will say, "What the hell did they mean by that?" It's not uncommon to walk up to a Sagittarius, be totally whittled down, and then say, "Thank you." When you walk away, you may think, I was had! Yeah, but it sounded so beautiful when they said it! A man who came to my office one day was a Sagittarius. He said, "I don't know what I expected, but you're not it!" I said, "Oh, thank you." About two days later, I thought about it and went, "Hmmm." That is what Sagittarians do—you can go four Or five ways with whatever they say. You're constantly saying to Sagittarians, "What did you mean by that?!" And they think you ought to know. Sagittarians have such a total intellectual approach to everything that they just assail you. Even their sex life is much intellectualized. This is also the sign that gets drunk on words. Sagittarians just overflow with words—beautiful ones! Everything sounds melodious, and it flows together very well.

Physical Characteristics
Sagittarians usually have either reddish hair, or the complexion of a redhead. They are usually ruddy-complicated people and have a full mane of hair. If they're male, even though they may be going bald, they will have big tufts of hair around the sides. It seems they have hair all over them—everywhere. Sagittarians tend to be either very farsighted or nearsighted, and they almost always have astigmatism. They tend to have problems in the lower back area. Most of the time they come into life with a curvature of the spine. They are very swaybacked. Sagittarians are usually tall people—very, long of limb, with short trunks. I take on the Sagittarian aspect—I have legs clear up to my armpits—all legs. They usually have very small hands— regardless of their stature. Sagittarians have very petite, dainty hands, and the nail beds do not go very deep. Usually Sagittarians are large-structured people. Even if they're slender, they still have a large bone structure and are very angular. They also have very, very luminescent, shiny eyes. If you have ever seen Andy Williams, I am certain that there's a Sagittarius somewhere in his chart, because his eyes always shine as if they have drops in them.

2days Lesson

When you cut a lecture make sure you hide from her the entire day. Stair case, Lift or near the wash room(even inside) is not a good place to hide :)

Sunday, September 03, 2006


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I Love this Biggest Flying Babe

An-124 was created in the tradition of An-22 to be the largest transport aircraft in the world. It is larger than the C-5B Galaxy, but smaller than the An-225 Mriya (NATO named Cossack) which carries the Russian space shuttle. The first prototype (SSSR 82002, Number 318) flew on December 26, 1982. The wings are high-mounted, swept-back, and tapered with curved tips and negative slant. Four turbofans are mounted on pylons under the wings. The fuselage is a thick oval in cross-section with a rounded nose and tapering to the rear. The tail fin is swept-back and tapered with rounded tips. Flats are swept-back, tapered, and mid-mounted on the body.

Country of Origin : Russia
Role : Strategic transport
Similar Aircraft : C-5B Galaxy, C-17A Globemaster III
Wing Span : 240 ft, 5 in (73.3 m)
Length : 226 ft, 3 in (69 m)
Height : N/A
Weight : 405000 kg
Engine : 4 - Lotarev D-18T, 229.9 kN thrust each
Cruising speed : 865 km/h
Range : 16,500 km maximum range
4,500 km with maximum payload
Service Ceiling : 12000 m
Armament : none
Payload : 88 passengers or cargo in a 36.5 m x 6.4 m x 4.4 m (1027.8 cu. m) cargo bay
Crew : Six--seven with loadmaster

Friday, September 01, 2006

Ubuntu Christian Edition

I was searching on the Internet for some Ubuntu technical support and I discovered a new version of Ubuntu Live CD Linux Distribution.

It's called Ubuntu Christian Edition.

It looks like a very new distribution. So I immediately downloaded and burn the ISO to a CD to test it. It booted from the Disk.The boot process is the same as in the case of Ubuntu 6.0.6 LTS.
The desktop has very nice wallpaper, watermarked with "Ubuntu Christian Edition" logo where the embedded Globe image pointed to a geographical area where majority are non Christians.
The applications are exactly what you need for a daily use; a web browser, a word processor, some desktop utilities (like a calendar and a calculator), an audio player and a CD ripper.

"It is based of course on Ubuntu Linux, which is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. The developers of Ubuntu Christian Edition say its goal is to bring the power and security of Ubuntu to Christians, and it is suitable for both desktop and server use."
So does this mean other Ubuntu versions are less secured and less powerful to use?

The main significance of this LIVE CD from others are that along the usual applications find in a regular Ubuntu distribution, it contains GnomeSword, a top of the line Bible study program for Linux based on the Sword Project and several modules, installed with GnomeSword, including Bibles, Commentaries, and Dictionaries. Further investigations revealed UCE includes fully web content parental controls powered by Dansguardian, which is a graphical tool to adjust the parental control settings.

Again this distribution has more or less the same content which is in an average Linux distribution.And this is the first time I have ever seen where a religion matters in Free and Open Source Software Community.

If Bill Gates keep producing proprietary software does it mean he's an Anti-Christian?
If Gordon Moore, Andrew Grove, Lou Gerstner, Scott McNealy, Tim Berners Lee, Jerry Yang, David Filo, Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Larry Ellison not using UCE does this means they are not Christians?

Even Linus Trovalds not agree with this coz he's an Atheist:
"I find it kind of distasteful having religions that tell you what you can do and what you can't do"

It seems like Mark Shuttleworth's (lol :) I just got to know he was a member of the crew of Soyuz TM-34, launched from Baikonur in Kazakhstan and docked with the International Space Station) philosophy of "Linux for human beings" gonna divert from its true nature.
This is exactly the sort of Christian extremism that frays religious tolerance in the community.