Thursday, August 31, 2006

TUX 2005 Readers' Choice Award Winners Announced

SEATTLE, Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- TUX Magazine, the first and only magazine for the new Linux user, today announced the winners of its first-annual Readers' Choice Awards. TUX has soared in popularity, gaining over 50,000 readers in its first six months of publication.

The winners, as featured in the September (#6) issue of TUX Magazine, are as follows:

Favorite Distribution: Kubuntu/Ubuntu
Favorite Desktop Environment: KDE
Favorite Web Browser: Firefox
Favorite E-Mail Client: Thunderbird
Favorite Communications Tool: Gaim
Favorite Mobile Tool: gpilot
Favorite Productivity Suite:
Favorite Digital Photo Management Tool: Digikam
Favorite Music Player: XMMS
Favorite Media Player: Mplayer
Favorite Game: Frozen Bubble
Favorite Design Tool: GIMP
Favorite Text Editor: vi

For more information on the winners, or to see the complete story featured in TUX Magazine, visit

Windows Fedora Ubuntu

I was using XP with Fedora Core and my thirst of using free and open software never seemed to be satisfied. So wanted to install Ubuntu V6.06. I ordered a Free CD from and now it has reached my place.

So here I go..Removed the FC partition just for the fun of doing it and installed Ubuntu. My boot loader had no problems..and here I continue..Installed FC 5 again in a separate partition and oops my FC5 GRUB failed to identify my Ubuntu reisefs file system.

Now what..wrote to several mailing lists and was asked to do many things. Anyway thanx to Ven. Mettavihari I was able to restore the FC5 GRUB from the ubuntu CD.

Ended up in CLI GRUB instead of the GUI FC GRUB. When I said I hate the CLI GRUB Ven. Mettavihari wants me too hack the CLI GRUB to make improvements and its all about freedom.

Now this is what I call real motivation!! :)

Sun Developer Summit 2006 - A review

The most irritating Software Summit I have ever been to.