Thursday, August 31, 2006

TUX 2005 Readers' Choice Award Winners Announced

SEATTLE, Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- TUX Magazine, the first and only magazine for the new Linux user, today announced the winners of its first-annual Readers' Choice Awards. TUX has soared in popularity, gaining over 50,000 readers in its first six months of publication.

The winners, as featured in the September (#6) issue of TUX Magazine, are as follows:

Favorite Distribution: Kubuntu/Ubuntu
Favorite Desktop Environment: KDE
Favorite Web Browser: Firefox
Favorite E-Mail Client: Thunderbird
Favorite Communications Tool: Gaim
Favorite Mobile Tool: gpilot
Favorite Productivity Suite:
Favorite Digital Photo Management Tool: Digikam
Favorite Music Player: XMMS
Favorite Media Player: Mplayer
Favorite Game: Frozen Bubble
Favorite Design Tool: GIMP
Favorite Text Editor: vi

For more information on the winners, or to see the complete story featured in TUX Magazine, visit

Windows Fedora Ubuntu

I was using XP with Fedora Core and my thirst of using free and open software never seemed to be satisfied. So wanted to install Ubuntu V6.06. I ordered a Free CD from and now it has reached my place.

So here I go..Removed the FC partition just for the fun of doing it and installed Ubuntu. My boot loader had no problems..and here I continue..Installed FC 5 again in a separate partition and oops my FC5 GRUB failed to identify my Ubuntu reisefs file system.

Now what..wrote to several mailing lists and was asked to do many things. Anyway thanx to Ven. Mettavihari I was able to restore the FC5 GRUB from the ubuntu CD.

Ended up in CLI GRUB instead of the GUI FC GRUB. When I said I hate the CLI GRUB Ven. Mettavihari wants me too hack the CLI GRUB to make improvements and its all about freedom.

Now this is what I call real motivation!! :)

Sun Developer Summit 2006 - A review

The most irritating Software Summit I have ever been to.

Monday, August 21, 2006

ApacheCon 2006 Day 2

To day is the 2nd day of the ApacheCon 2006. Didn't interested me much on the topics but few talks were able to get my attention. Since me and my friend didn't like the talks we decided to stay in the Kings Courts messing around with the wifi. Able to talk with some foreign delegates and speakers.
To my amazement I found the youngest speaker. He's still 19 years old and gave up university to work as a project manager in a huge IT company. After having supper went back to the conference hall and enjoyed the proceedings.

panel discussion was their as the last event and Cocktails party proceed with some Sri Lankan Cultural show. A show that is absolutely marvelous and significant.

Awards and prizes were handed over to the speakers and winners of the FOSSCode 2006 competition.

I was lucky enough to pose for a photograph with the Keynote Speaker, Ken Coar.. A hero in my dreams..

Stayed the night at my friends place installing and experimenting the Linux Distro given during the FOSSUni and XGL didn't work...Gave enormous troubles and result in installing the OS from the scratch.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

ApacheCon 2006

It was the 1st Apache Conference ever to be hosted in Asia. And luckily me and my friends able to get in to it without prior registration.

ApacheCon Asia is the official Asian conference of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). This initial event aims to create a unique platform for the Open Source community in Asia to come together to gain an insight into techniques and methodologies critical to the advancement of Open Source technologies, and gain skills to optimize the power and versatility of Apache software and also to discuss upcoming developments and issues.

Anyhow 14 ppl from APIIT took part in the event. Several speakers were there including the Keynote Speaker Ken Coar (Director, Apache Software Foundation; Director, Open Source Initiative; Web Software Developer, Author, Sanagendamgagwedweinini, Software Engineer in IBM.)

ApacheCon Asia provides an excellent opportunity to experience first-hand what ASF technologies and development communities can do for you and your enterprise. Met the big players, project leaders, inside experts and independent innovators at this gathering of all things Apache.

participated in the Track 2. Its all about AJAX, XML and PHP.

Won several prizes, including T-Shirts, IBM pens, Mugs, Mouse pads and Laptop carrying Bags.
2moro is the 2nd Day of the Main Conference.

Monday, August 14, 2006

FOSS Uni 2006

Had my HCI Presentation on Colors and we were off for the FOSS uni event at Moratuwa University. Luckily the bomb explosion happened just after few seconds we passed that place.
Won several prices from the Q&A sessions but ohhhh.. The shirt is too small.. i can't wear that :)
Met a good old friend from DS and he is a brainy..
Gonna try out the Linux CD's on my laptop 2Nite.

Escorts Save The High Commissioner

It is revealed that bravery of Sri Lankan Army Commandos saved the valuable life of His Excellency the High Commissioner of Pakistan in Sri Lanka, acting promptly.Three Army Commandos and a private attached to the Sri Lankan Army Signal Regiment who escorted the High Commissioner sacrificed their lives today (14) around 1.00 p.m., when they blocked the High Commissioner's vehicle , by the escort vehicle they were traveling during the explosion.

The Government condemns the attempted assassination of the Pakistani HighCommissioner to Sri Lanka H E Bashir Wali Mohamed this afternoon in Colombo. The High Commissioner narrowly escaped when the explosive-laden three-wheeler was prevented from reaching its target by the military escort vehicle. The military vehicle took the full brunt of the explosion and at least seven persons including four soldier died in the blast. The LTTE suicide bomber in the three-wheeler too died in the explosion. It is a well known modus operandi of the LTTE to use suicide bombers to assassinate opponents. The High Commissioner was returning from a flag-hoisting ceremony for Pakistan’s National Day when the dastardly assassination attempt was made. The Government deeply appreciates the valour demonstrated by the soldiers by making the maximum sacrifice while carrying out the duties of protecting the life of a respected foreign dignitary. The Government is concerned about the LTTE’s decision to widen its terror acts to include the perceived regional threats. H E the President Mahinda Rajapakse has personally telephoned the Pakistan High Commissioner to express the deep shock over the assassination attempt made by the LTTE. The Government unequivocally condemns this attack on the envoy of a friendly country.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Uploaded the Malwana Camping pictures to the Flickr. Nothing important happened today.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sahana in Colombo Uni

Chamindra and Ravindra from Sahana Team ask me to join for a Internship at the Lanka Software Foundation Lab at Colombo University. So headed to Colombo Uni in the morning. Met an old friend on the entrance, and found the way to the LSF lab. Fully crowded and extremely hostile environment with the coming FOSS 2006 week. Getting ready for the ApacheCon and GeekOUT.
Talk with Chamindra and Ravindra and ahhhh i'm dissapointed. And the problem is i cant work full time, Lectures from Tue to Fri. Promised to come and work with them all Mondays. Collected the posters and Hand-outs of the ApacheCon 2006 and headed back to APIIT. Oh Damn...WTF? Apiit Time Tables have been reschedulded. Classes on all five days 9.00 to 6.00.
Is the Admin lost their Marbles?? I dont know??

1st Semester Results

2nd year 1st semester results were out. I have performed well..wut else can i say. CNI was tough and majority not happy with their results and not a singel 1st class from both the batches. That is why university life is so interesting and you have to accept both good and bad.

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Last Samurai

Congratulation Ranjeeva Aiya

Yipeee. Congrats with ur Ph.D :)

Camping time again

SLQPSG-Sri Lanka Queen's and President's Scout Guild Friendship Camp.
Kelani Valley Camp Resort, Malawana.

Angels Deserve to Die

Im Back

im back again..this is my first blog after 2 years of time. gave up blogging coz i didnt have much time. now again back to old life. More work..Confusing at Best and Fustrating at Worst :)
Beginning of a new semester. Group issues as usual and helping out each and every student to gain what they want..
Again 4 interesting subjects..DDD, HCI, PD, WDI.
and our HCI lecturer have demote all of us to Kindergaten..hahaha
HCI project..developing a CBT package for Grade 1 & 2 student to learn and teach Maths, English and Social (Back to year 1..thankyou miss, u gave us a chance to live with our old memories)
WDI project..woow. a heavy one more with open-source..JSP,j2ee,php,java,WebML,MySQL.
DDD :) No projects But more Oracle
PD :( Boring..
this will be the next and the last semester @Pit. yeah kind a lost now :) where to go.