Monday, August 21, 2006

ApacheCon 2006 Day 2

To day is the 2nd day of the ApacheCon 2006. Didn't interested me much on the topics but few talks were able to get my attention. Since me and my friend didn't like the talks we decided to stay in the Kings Courts messing around with the wifi. Able to talk with some foreign delegates and speakers.
To my amazement I found the youngest speaker. He's still 19 years old and gave up university to work as a project manager in a huge IT company. After having supper went back to the conference hall and enjoyed the proceedings.

panel discussion was their as the last event and Cocktails party proceed with some Sri Lankan Cultural show. A show that is absolutely marvelous and significant.

Awards and prizes were handed over to the speakers and winners of the FOSSCode 2006 competition.

I was lucky enough to pose for a photograph with the Keynote Speaker, Ken Coar.. A hero in my dreams..

Stayed the night at my friends place installing and experimenting the Linux Distro given during the FOSSUni and XGL didn't work...Gave enormous troubles and result in installing the OS from the scratch.

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