Monday, August 14, 2006

Escorts Save The High Commissioner

It is revealed that bravery of Sri Lankan Army Commandos saved the valuable life of His Excellency the High Commissioner of Pakistan in Sri Lanka, acting promptly.Three Army Commandos and a private attached to the Sri Lankan Army Signal Regiment who escorted the High Commissioner sacrificed their lives today (14) around 1.00 p.m., when they blocked the High Commissioner's vehicle , by the escort vehicle they were traveling during the explosion.

The Government condemns the attempted assassination of the Pakistani HighCommissioner to Sri Lanka H E Bashir Wali Mohamed this afternoon in Colombo. The High Commissioner narrowly escaped when the explosive-laden three-wheeler was prevented from reaching its target by the military escort vehicle. The military vehicle took the full brunt of the explosion and at least seven persons including four soldier died in the blast. The LTTE suicide bomber in the three-wheeler too died in the explosion. It is a well known modus operandi of the LTTE to use suicide bombers to assassinate opponents. The High Commissioner was returning from a flag-hoisting ceremony for Pakistan’s National Day when the dastardly assassination attempt was made. The Government deeply appreciates the valour demonstrated by the soldiers by making the maximum sacrifice while carrying out the duties of protecting the life of a respected foreign dignitary. The Government is concerned about the LTTE’s decision to widen its terror acts to include the perceived regional threats. H E the President Mahinda Rajapakse has personally telephoned the Pakistan High Commissioner to express the deep shock over the assassination attempt made by the LTTE. The Government unequivocally condemns this attack on the envoy of a friendly country.

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