Friday, August 04, 2006

Im Back

im back again..this is my first blog after 2 years of time. gave up blogging coz i didnt have much time. now again back to old life. More work..Confusing at Best and Fustrating at Worst :)
Beginning of a new semester. Group issues as usual and helping out each and every student to gain what they want..
Again 4 interesting subjects..DDD, HCI, PD, WDI.
and our HCI lecturer have demote all of us to Kindergaten..hahaha
HCI project..developing a CBT package for Grade 1 & 2 student to learn and teach Maths, English and Social (Back to year 1..thankyou miss, u gave us a chance to live with our old memories)
WDI project..woow. a heavy one more with open-source..JSP,j2ee,php,java,WebML,MySQL.
DDD :) No projects But more Oracle
PD :( Boring..
this will be the next and the last semester @Pit. yeah kind a lost now :) where to go.

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