Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sahana in Colombo Uni

Chamindra and Ravindra from Sahana Team ask me to join for a Internship at the Lanka Software Foundation Lab at Colombo University. So headed to Colombo Uni in the morning. Met an old friend on the entrance, and found the way to the LSF lab. Fully crowded and extremely hostile environment with the coming FOSS 2006 week. Getting ready for the ApacheCon and GeekOUT.
Talk with Chamindra and Ravindra and ahhhh i'm dissapointed. And the problem is i cant work full time, Lectures from Tue to Fri. Promised to come and work with them all Mondays. Collected the posters and Hand-outs of the ApacheCon 2006 and headed back to APIIT. Oh Damn...WTF? Apiit Time Tables have been reschedulded. Classes on all five days 9.00 to 6.00.
Is the Admin lost their Marbles?? I dont know??


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