Sunday, December 03, 2006

Jobs That Pay the Most

Here is a reasonable top ten (and top 20) list:

  1. Surgeons: $65.89/hr; $137,050/yr
  2. Obstetricians and gynecologists: $64.15/hr; $133,430/yr
  3. Anesthesiologists: $63.31/hr; $131,680/yr
  4. Internists, general: $61.03/hr; $126,940/yr
  5. Pediatricians, general: $56.03/hr; $116,550/yr
  6. Psychiatrists: $54.60/hr; $113,570/yr
  7. Dentists: $53.28/hr; $110,820/yr
  8. Family and general practitioners: $52.89/hr; $110,020/yr
  9. Chief Executives: $51.77/hr; $107,670/yr
  10. Airline pilots, copilots and flight engineers: (N/A); $99,400/yr
  11. Podiatrists: $45.43/hr; $94,500/yr
  12. Lawyers: $44.19/hr; $91,920/yr
  13. Optometrists: $42.35/hr; $88,100/yr
  14. Computer and information systems managers: $40.33/hr; $83,890/yr
  15. Physicists: $40.26/hr; $83,750/yr
  16. Air traffic controllers: $40.07/hr; $83,350/yr
  17. Petroleum Engineers: $39.33/hr; $81,800/yr
  18. Nuclear Engineers: $38.56/hr; $80,200/yr
  19. Judges, magistrate judges, and magistrates: $38.24/hr; $79,540/yr
  20. Marketing Managers: $37.70/hr; $78,410

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