Sunday, February 04, 2007

Its been 2 months at Virtusa Corporation

Well..Well.. Its been more than 2 months that i have joined Virtusa Corporation R&D Team as a Intern for my Industrial Placement. The place is really cool and i was impressed to work in R&D team. Didn't know what to do in the beginning but now I'm in a proper track, Thanks to Anuradha for teaching and guiding me. Also he is my Carrier Champion.

I'm using both WIN XP and GNU/Linux Debian Etch. Working with Apache Web Server.
And I'm so glad to have contacts and make friends with Other interns from different Universities. This includes University of Moratuwa, Informatics Institute of Technology and Technical University of Clausthal - Germany


Disease said...

Congrats!!! But still u didn't tell me about the chicks u met at the place :P

P. Ani said...

guess Frankfurt is the only Town you know on Germany...
correct would be Technical University of Clausthal ;]