Saturday, April 21, 2007

TOSHIBA M40 Sat Help Needed

I bought a M40 Satellite Laptop from Baharain Jarirbookshop in 2005 Nov 1.
It say i have 3 year warranty period. Now im getting problem with my DVD Writer, it just ejects CD s after writting 10 MB of data. What shall i do? Who are the Toshiba Local Agents? Will i be able to get a free DVD wrtier fixed without paying any money to John Keells Copmuter Services?
Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance..


Sam said...

Since it is Sri Lankan business, they may try to pull something out of you. So just be careful.

But IF your computer covered by Toshiba international warrantee, you don’t have to pay a cent. You should be able to find your warrantee entitlement information form Toshiba web site or calling them at 1 888 864 7970.

Anonymous said...

is it an international warranty,or just a local warranty.if it's an International warranty u have to send it back to where u got it n get a replacement.thatz the problem
if u r nt sure wat I said ask from ur laptop agent in Sri Lanka

Genesis said...

Thank you sam and anonymous :)
It is under International Warranty, When i type my Model no. and Serial no. on the Toshiba Warranty Expiration Detail site, it shows me that my Computer Warranty period expires on 31st Oct 2008. Under Repair centers it directs me to JKCS in SL. Let me give them a call and see. Just don't want to leave my laptop with them. Last time my friend took his Acer Ferari Laptop to repair the Open/Close latch they remove them display unit but could not fix it properly. As a result the display was not that great after all.

jay said...

Well mate. First of all does the Drive tray pops out at random times or it only does that when your burning? My DELL have the same problem as it ejects the tray at random times and it was turned out to be a mechanical problem.

If it were to be at burning time, you might want to consider doing a extensive spyware scan and a virus scan. This may be due to a software glitch.

If the results comes negative try re-installing the ROM's firmware and reboot the laptop.

If it still doesnt help i guess it might be something mechanical in which case i would recommend you to buy and external burning ROM as the internal one costs a lot. Especially for laptops.

Anonymous said...
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