Monday, June 02, 2008

My 1st Job... I mean my 1st real job

It’s been a long time since I last posted. My life has changed dramatically. One loveable sister already departed, and other one to leave soon. Several things happen in my life..some good and some bad. I dunno? I will leave that to u!
Going to Kovil early Saturday morning has now become a habit. Few things happened during the last 2 years which I cannot describe myself. Even though I tried my self hard I still have no answers. And I still pray god every Saturday morning for his grace, wisdom, encouragement and will power without which my life would be harder than I can ever imagine for last couple of months.
Its been a hard and fast journey. I finally submitted my FYP on time, and both my Supervisor and Assessor were impressed in the way I did my presentation. Finally I have done with my university life. And for me I still feels like in 2004 September 14th… the day we started our Degree as fresh school leavers at a Strict Professional Institute called APIIT. Soon after my Uni Exams, my sis got married. It was a Grand wedding and everything went nicely and smoothly as we all expected. And again thank you God for your grace, wisdom, encouragement and will power to keep my family going through all ups and downs. I wish all the very best for my sister and new brother in law for a wonderful and lovely life ahead of them with millions of beautiful babies and Gods prayers for both to stand thick and thin to each other through out their medical profession.
And today 2nd June 2008, I got my first real paid job. The place I used to work for my Internship. A dream come true, an excellent opportunity with an excellent package. What else can I ask from u dear God. And again thank you for your grace, wisdom, encouragement and will power given to me constantly through out my life to reach my dreams and achieve my goals for each year.


Chaga said...

hey dude, congrats.iam happy for u.i pray that one day u will find whatever you were looking for. All the best. KIT. TC

Genesis said...

Thanx dude. It was nice to have ppl like u. I really mean it. I wish you the same pal. All the Best. KIT. TC. BS!

SAN said...

Really glad that u got the job ur looking for.

Wish u all the success on it...

Take care and take it easy !!!