Tuesday, November 04, 2008

“Geek-Out” Adventurous White-Water-Rafting for “Virtechies”

Imagine a brainstorm session. Imagine a picnic. Imagine a meeting of the geekiest and most technologically savvy people. Imagine it all happening at the same time in the same place. Geek-Out offers a unique opportunity for geekiest and most technologically savvy people to meet in a completely informal environment for some much deserved rest and relaxation. Rafter's Retreat situated in Kitulgala 90 Km from Colombo (2.5 hr Drive) is an eco-resort, popularized by white water rafting and Modeled on the popular Foo Camps on the banks of the Kelani River of "Bridge on the River Kwai" fame.
Owner, Channa, is the epitome of life in the woodland and on the river. Channa runs a 3-day adventure programme (2 nights) packed with bird-watching, mountain biking, pre-historic Beli Lena caves, a day white-water-rafting (fine for age 6+ and non-swimmers)
Eco lodges/tree-houses set 6 ft above ground level with each has twin beds, lampshades and hooks made from natural woods from the estate, Roofed with palm leaves and walled by wooden slats, yet discreetly modernised with electricity and plumbing awaits the tiring visitors to provide comfort.
Service is 100% within the context of eco-projects, welcoming, friendly and with lots of tuition on living with nature – but don’t expect any frills. April to November is the best time to visit Kitulgala to enjoy all the adventure and stunning lush. Contact Channa on 0777-421455 for your Adventurous Team Outings.

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