Monday, September 11, 2006

APIIT SFD 2006 Handout

Went to apiit in the morning, and distributed the handouts to the staff..Went ok with the computing lecturers and had problems with Business lecturers. For some reason they expect more Public Relation stuff from us which really freaked me out. Apart from this a particular lecturer who has waken from the wrong side of the bed start criticizing the Free Software and its freedom to use. Is he mad I don't know...But majority thinks as it is.. I just wonder what people would have tell to Richard Stallmen and Linus Trovalds when they first came with their talents and ideas.

Went to classrooms in the afternnon to distribute the handouts and we had a good feedback from them, specially there was this BA Lecturer who was overwhelmed with Linux and explains to his class the importance of FOSS and and true contribution towards it. This really helped us to survive in a Business class while explaining all the Computing stuff.

Ilham designed the posters and it was really nice!!
Spoke to the CEO and he was happy with the way things going on..And all this is because APIIT sponsor several students to attend the ApacheCon ASIA 2006 :)

Burnt the first 50 Linux Distributions.. yipeee and another 150 more to go :)

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