Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Friday 15th September (BIG Picture)

Didn’t sleep at all, was pasting the CD covers and preparing my Vote of thanks. Around 6.45AM have to rush to the TLC to pick a Slackware PC and head back to APIIT.

Everything was prepared and we were eager to kick the APIIT SFD 2006.

My colleague Lohita started the Workshop officially with his Welcome speech.

Key note Speech by Dr. Shahani Weerawarana is all about Imagine. It was great. The presentation really touched the entire audience and most of the Business students and Lecturers were inspired by the four letter word FOSS.

Anuradha Ratnaweera was briefing the audience about the freedom to use software and freedom laws. He also briefed on the license used in Free and Open Source Projects.

Bud gave his usual Gadgematic Presentation which inspired many students and able to take away the Negative image of GNU/Linux capabilities.

Rajkumar from Lanka Software Foundation came prepared for the Orange Open Movie Project – Elephants Dream. The short film was projected with surrounding sound system which attracted the most number of Participants.

After having a little break we continued with our speakers from Senid and Red Hat.

Learnt a lot from Red Hat Sanjeewa. It was the most fruitful Q&A Session we had.

I delivered the vote of thanks and Workshop ended around 3.00 pm and it was a great job done by the 2nd year computing guys, organized within a short period of 9 days and leaving out all the project work to be submitted.

Well-done guys, Job Well-done!

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